How to draw anime face for beginners


You are on the page where you will learn how to draw an anime girl and boy face step by step. This is one of many simple drawing lessons that will help starters get up to speed in the art of drawing.

Even though it will take you some high time to gain the same level of expertise, we put together this easy tutorial to get you started. You will find it simple to follow whether you are new to digital art or just a keen animal lover.

How to draw an anime girl face

  • First, draw a circle to make the general outlines of the face. You can use a compass if you want. Anyway, the circle does not need to be perfect. So don’t be too pressure on yourself if it is a bit distorted. Ensure the circle is big enough to provide you sufficient room to draw the features.
  • To ensure you draw a symmetrical face, you will need to draw a vertical line in the center of the circle. The vertical line should be bigger than the circle.
  • Next, you will need to make a guideline for the characters eyes. To perform this, measure 2/3 of the circle from the top and draw a horizontal line. The line should go past the edges of circle. Draw a second horizontal line close to the bottom of the circle. The characters eye will be placed between these two lines.
  • Draw a horizontal line below the circle to help you make the cheeks and jaw. The horizontal line is where the tip of the chin will be. To sculpt the jaw and chin, you will need to draw a curved line from one side of the circle to the other. Ensure, it is angled toward the vertical line at the center. The full outline of the head should look like an inverted egg by now. Female characters generally have rounder faces, so try not to make the jaw too long.
  • Sketch in a neck by extending vertical straight lines on each side of the face from the jawline. The neck should be narrow, so ensure the lines you draw are nearer to the chain.
  • Draw the tip of the nose where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect.
  • Draw the eyes below the guidelines you draw in 3 steps. Begin with an arched line that goes toward the side of the head. The bottom eye line should be anywhere above the tip of the nose. Afterward, draw the eyebrows slightly above the guideline.
  • Draw the ears but ensure they are between the nose and eye lines you drew earlier on.
  • To add the characters mouth, draw a pretty curved horizontal line between the chin and the nose.
  • Finally, clean up the guidelines that are not a part of the face or head. Give your character a fun hairstyle, and you are done.

How to draw an anime boy face

The amazing thing about drawing anime faces is that once you learn how to draw the basics, you can repeat the same process for most characters. To draw a male anime face, you will just need to make some little changes to the steps we have listed above.

  • Repeat steps 1 to 3.
  • Once you get to step 4, make the jaw slightly bigger since male characters have narrower faces. Remember to use angled lines when sculpting the jaw and the chin.
  • When sketching the neck, provide the make character a muscular build. Draw the slides of the neck nearer to the jawline.
  • For the male eyes, begin by drawing a horizontal line under the guideline. The horizontal line should stop close to the side of the head.
  • Complete drawing your make character using the rest of the steps in the primary tutorial.

Even if you don’t get, you can just practice until you get the outcomes you want. And you will be capable to draw all types of animal characters before you know it.

Drawing animal tips

Here are some of the big tips to follow:

  • Learn the principles of drawing first (shading, anatomy, lighting, etc).
  • Use references, it will help you improve.
  • Don’t get stuck with single drawing. It is natural to erase and go but if you find yourself hard for one drawing, accept the mistakes and move on.
  • Develop a practice routine where you try to better on a specific aspect of anime drawing each time.
  • Use just 1 or 2 pencils. Anime drawing does not truly need a lot of shades so just get your general drawing pencil and a pencil with a darker shade.
  • Be patient. You are gonna think it looks terrible in the starting, but the more you draw, the more you will get better. Eventually, you will longer need a reference.

How to draw anime characters like a pro?

If you want to learn how to anime like a pro, first know that every pro was once a starter, just like you. With continue practice, you will be just like your favorite manga artist someday.

Forever practice with purpose. Don’t rush into things. The learning process is extremely slow if you begin with learning how to draw animal facial shapes first, that is perfect. It is vital to not overwhelm yourself and target on one thing.

Don’t be discouraged if you believe you drawings are terrible. It would not forever be that way. You are just starting out so it is general that you would not get it right away.

Further to that, try not to match yourself to other artists. The simple way to lose motivation is to look at a fellow artists work and judge your own job based on theirs. It is forever going to be different for each person so there is no point in matching yourself to another artist. Target on your own drawing and your own progress and pay focus to nobody else.

If someone gives you constructive criticism, know that it is not an attack on you as a person; it is just a point of view. Take the criticisms and learn from them.

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